The Best Way to Compare MLM Compensation Plans

If you are looking at the best way to compare MLM compensation plans, the first thing you need to do is look at the way that you build your business. The way that you build your business has a lot to do with your ability to maximize the compensation plan.

There are two main types of compensation plans and then there are lots of different variables that come with them. Let’s keep it very simple by just talking about the two main types of compensation plans which are binary and unilevel.

Binary Plan

With a binary plan, you are building two different teams. Most of the time you need to have equal volume on each side to get paid a percentage of that volume. You may be able to get spillover people from your upline to help you build your team as well which is one of the benefits of a binary compensation plan.

Unilevel Plan

When you are looking at unilevel plans, your upline does not give you any “spillover” but you do not have to have equal legs on both sides. You probably will get a smaller percentage on each unilevel leg that you build vs the percentage that you get in a binary.

Look at the way that you build your business. If you feel you will build “deeper” in your organization vs working to recruit 2 superstars (one on your right and one on your left) then the unilvel might be better for you. If you want to keep going through the numbers until you find those 2 superstars then the binary may be best for you.

There is nothing wrong with taking the time to consider your options. Compare the plans side by side but only allow them to be part of the factor. Also take a look at the leadership and system that the company is using to grow.

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